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UnWord: Addiction for Just 99¢

October 18, 2011

Gregory and Golphin, respectively (the two guys in front)

Broadway star (Sister Act, Dreamgirls) and recent NAACP Award winner Chester Gregory and entertainment entrepreneur Ryan Glen Golphin announced the birth of their new baby, the word game app, UnWord, Sunday night at a red carpet event in Harlem. UnWord, an “obsession waiting to be unlocked,” according to their marketing materials, is … pretty damn addictive. I played it about a month ago when I ran into Gregory and he spilled the beans and then Sunday night you would have thought I was winning money for each point accumulated. I finally had to pull myself away when the bar closed. Yes, when the bar closed. Shut up.

The concept of the game is simple: the contestant is given a 60-second countdown clock and a nice multi-syllabic word. It is up to the player to generate as many words as they can from varying the spelling combinations during that minute. Different points are awarded for words, but I could not figure out that system. I remember quite distinctly coming up with a really nice, big word and getting only 6 points. It broken my concentration. But, I digress.

Back to the game: some great features include a shake option in which you can literally shake your phone and scramble the ordering of the letters, which might allow for a clearer thought process for some people. Also, there is a head-to-head option in which multiple players play using the same words. My friend Kateria and I played several times. She won. Heffa.

So here’s what I need you to do: if you own an iPodTouch, an iPad or an iPhone, go download UnWord. It only costs 99 cents. When you’re waiting at the airport, you’ll thank me. And this part is very important: go back into the marketplace and rank the game at a 5. A 4 won’t really do. Neither will a 3. Nor a 2 or 1. Don’t even think of it. That’s blasphemy. Give them a 5. That will generate better placement within the marketplace, which will generate more sales. And if you’re one of those losers people asking why you need to help these guys generate more sales, then you’re clearly not a true sofa-sitter. We support our own and Chester is one of our own. I don’t know Ryan but he came across as a perfectly nice guy. We support. Go spend the 99 cents and rank the game. And, share with your friends.

The app will be available on Android systems soon. Stay tuned.

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