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Cherry Goes From Housewives to Maids

October 19, 2011

********** UPDATE **********

While ABC passed on Devious Maids, Lifetime just picked it up for their 2013 schedule. Details can be found here.


********** UPDATE #2 **********

To see the trailer for Lifetime’s Devious Maids, click here.


Cherry and his Housewives pick up a Golden Globe

From Desperate Housewives to Devious Maids, Marc Cherry is creating his own niche programming. With the eight-year-old Housewives readying for their swan song this spring, Cherry is looking forward to new projects, Chief among them includes the hourlong drama Devious Maids, which he is developing for ABC, based on the Mexican telenovela The Disorderly Maids of the Neighborhood (a far more interesting title if you ask me).

The story will revolve around four desperate housewives living in the suburbs devious maids working in Beverly Hills. With four Latina leads, this show should bring some much-needed diversity to primetime programming. Even if they are playing maids. I’m sorry… I keep imagining four Gaby Solises in designer evening gowns, mowing the lawn like in the Housewives pilot.

Along with him, Cherry is bringing his Housewives Executive Producer, Sabrina Wind, and David Lonner, Larry Shuman and John Mass. Along with Maids, Cherry is redeveloping the pilot for Hallelujah, starring Terry O”Quinn and Jesse L. Martin, which didn’t make the cut last spring.

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