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Summertime Fun: The Under the Dome Drinking Game

July 23, 2014


Under the Dome has become my weekly hate-watch show. It’s horrible. But I can’t stop from tuning in… so drinking will make it better. Here’s the best way to watch the show:

The Under the Dome drinking game.

1. Take a shot every time you see the cow split in half – the first image they show in every episode.

2. Take a shot whenever someone references what the dome “wants them to do” or the “dome’s plan.”

3. Take a shot whenever the guy who plays Joe displays his horrible acting skills.

4. Take a shot whenever Norie rolls her eyes.

5. Take 2 shots whenever Norie’s remaining mom actually gets some screen time.

6. Take 2 shots whenever Julia and Barbie discuss their relationship as if it’s NOT only been 2 weeks since they met.

7. Take 2 shots whenever Julia makes some super-human moves (like getting shot, then swimming out into the middle of a lake and pulling a previously dead girl to safety).

8. Take 3 shots whenever you see someone driving – WHERE DID THEY GET THAT GAS???

9. Take 3 shots whenever the high school science teacher builds a windmill or knows how to do any given task that is WAY ABOVE HER PAY GRADE.

10. Tip the bottle back whenever someone says that something is too out of the ordinary to happen, but aren’t shocked by this DOME THAT IS COVERING THE ENTIRE TOWN.

11. Kill the rest of the bottle whenever something stupid happens. You’ll do that often.

And there you have it, folks. Cheers!

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