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Upfronts 2014: NBC’s State of Affairs (First Look)

May 11, 2014
State of Affairs. NBC.

State of Affairs. NBC.

SHOW: State of Affairs, drama

WHO: Katherine Heigl (Grey’s Anatomy), Alfre Woodard (True Blood), Adam Kaufman (Without a Trace), Leslie Odom Jr. (Smash), Tommy Savas (Hollywood Heights), Cliff Chamberlain, Sheila Vand

WHAT: Centers on a key CIA attaché who counsels the president on high-stakes incidents around the world. She balances her intense political responsibilities with a complicated personal life.

WHEN: Mondays at 10PM EST (November 17)


BOTTOM LINE: Heigl is polarizing, but the concept is smart and it’s coming from the team behind 2013-2014’s biggest freshman show, The Blacklist. Add in Woodard and her seventeen Emmy nominations and you see why people might choose to tune in. I’ll be there. Oh, and Odom is due a big hit. He’s been working hard and the time is right for him to become a more recognizable name. I’m betting this will do it.


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