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Fall TV 2014: Early Cancelations Rule Friday Afternoon

May 9, 2014

Well… as is customary with the Friday before upfronts week, every May, several of my “bubble” shows have received a true beatdown… ABC canceled Suburgatory, The Neighbors and Trophy Wife – as well as clinkers Super Fun Night and Mixology (no word yet on Nashville)… NBC canceled Crisis, Revolution and Community – as well as Growing Up Fisher and Believe (no word yet on Parenthood)… Fox canceled Enlisted, Dads, Rake and Surviving Jack. But they were all pretty crappy shows to begin with so no one will be disappointed.

The Neighbors standout  Toks Olagundoye goes Bollywood. ABC.

The Neighbors standout Toks Olagundoye goes Bollywood. ABC.

In good news, About a Boy was picked up for a second season on NBC. The Minnie Driver-fronted comedy has held up well and turned into a solid show. Congratulations to them.

I, for one, would like to take a second to acknowledge the wit of Suburgatory, the briliance of The Neighbors and the risk-taking of Revolution. Community won’t make its pre-destined six-seasons-and-a-movie tag put together by fans years ago, but it has a lasting impression that will give it life eternal via syndication.

On a personal note, here’s hoping NBC picks up Feed Me, a comedy starring Mary-Louise Parker) and the superb Toks Olagundoye (The Neighbors). Olagundoye deserves way more eyeballs on her on a weekly basis. I wish her well.

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