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Watch: Hard Times (new web series)

April 22, 2014


I stumbled across this new web series, Hard Times, today on my Facebook feed. Written and directed by Tahir Jetter, and filmed by Daniel Patterson, who recently finished work on Spike Lee’s latest joint, the series is set in current-day Brooklyn, telling the story of … life in the city. This particular spin focuses on the lengths people will go to to survive in the city. Derek (Abraham Ampka) is a personal trainer who can’t make ends meet. Nia (Bianca Laverne Jones) is a client who hatches the brilliant idea that Derek become a stripper. Ashley Denise Robinson plays Lark, Derek’s girlfriend, and Vladamir Versailles plays the roommate, Felix.

With web series becoming the norm these days, my mailbox is often filled with ill-conceived, poorly put together, horribly-written series with acting that i, quite simply, bad. Hard Times is not. I immediately was hooked into the story and want to know what happens next. I’m hoping that Jetter delves deeper into Derek’s life and exposes more about him. Did he go to college? What is his life’s goals? Why does he feel stripping is the best direction for him? We’ll see.

I’m not sure how the series expands from here. It looks like it will debut new episodes every few weeks. But, they have a nice social media presence, so I suggest you follow them on Twitter. That’s what Jack Dorsey created it for, anyway.

In the meantime, watch the first episode. Who’s with me?



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