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Ohio State Marching Band Moonwalks for Michael (video)

October 22, 2013

You might not know this, but I was a member of my high school marching band. In fact, I was the president of my high school marching band. I remember those devastatingly hot, humid days during the end of summer, when we would gather at the back of the school and start going over drill formations and hitting the right notes. My senior year, we did a tribute to The Beatles. I didn’t know those songs, but I played along; it seemed everyone else did. We ended the set with “Hey Jude,” literally singing our way off the field. Some people hated it, some loved it. What I was focused on was the ridiculously hard moves that somehow ended up falling in my lap. I remember very clearly a move that had me shifting from the 40 yard line to the opposing 35 yard line in, like, 16 beats or something. I was practically running to get there. And trying to blow air through a trumpet and make it sound pretty at the same time. LOL… those were the days…

Which makes this feat all the more impressive to me. Just this past Saturday, the Ohio State marching band took the field and left an indelible mark. Already considered one of the most impressive marching bands in the country, they tackled a tribute to Michael Jackson‘s Bad to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the landmark album. In quick succession, they showcase the Bad logo, show Michael, with his favorite glove, Moonwalk and have him do the splits. Yes, it’s that detailed. And clearly a winner. The video went viral and has racked up more than 4 million his since it was posted that afternoon. Watch for yourself and enjoy.


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