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Emmys 2013: Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy

June 20, 2013
Clockwise from top: Daman Wayans, Jr., Danny Pudi & Donald Glover, Adam Pally, Timothy Simmons & Tony Hale. Photos courtesy f ABC, NBC and BHB

Clockwise from top: Daman Wayans, Jr., Danny Pudi & Donald Glover, Adam Pally, Timothy Simmons & Tony Hale. Photos courtesy of ABC, NBC and HBO

Ahhh, Emmy season is here. And as a fan of the medium of television, I get excited. I normally create extended lists, with viable candidates for each award and my picks for the top six. But, this year, I am going a different route. I have clear-cut favorites in multiple categories, so I am going to go ahead and tell you who should win. Now, if you have ever read any of my TV-related posts, you know that I tend to like shows that America doesn’t. So, most of these people will have to work to even get a nomination, much less a win. But that’s on them. I’m bestowing the sofa award on them. It doesn’t provide as significant a career boost, nor come with a trophy for their mantle, but recipients know it comes from love.

Up first, the sofa award for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy.

Well, the Emmys will reserve four of the slots for the guys in the Modern Family cast. Since I am not a fan, I didn’t consider any of them. Nor did I consider the guy from Girls, who seems to be getting decent traction. I hate the show. Sorry. I do love Veep and considered both Tony Hale (Gary) and Timothy Simmons (Jonah), but couldn’t really say either of them did a better job than Matt Walsh (Mike) or Reid Scott (Dan). That cast is pretty evenly-keeled (and quite good, let’s all acknowledge). So then I turned back to network TV. Parks & Recreation‘s Nick Offerman (Ron) is always a viable candidate who doesn’t get a nomination, but this year, while strong, wasn’t as strong as years he’s been ignored. Last year’s nominee, Max Greenfield (Schmidt), from New Girl? He’s strong; would be on my ballot, but I think, for me, it comes down to the ensemble casts from Happy Endings or Community.

Community had a weaker year than usual, with the removal of creator and showrunner Dan Harmon. Happy Ending was canceled. The Freaky Friday episode of Community, where Danny Pudi and Donald Glover changed places was spot-on. Both gave strong performances. But who can tell me Adam Pally and Damon Wayans, Jr. as a fake-gay-interracial couple weren’t hilarious? Hmmm… who to pick? Who to pick? A true challenge. Glover. Pally. Glover? Pally? Glover-as-Pudi was pretty impressive. Plus, he raps. And has a nice chest. Pally breaks every stereotype about a gay man on TV ever. He’s the slobbiest, hottest mess out there. [hahaha you see how I’m making up my mind in real time?] Well, neither will get a nomination. But, I am going to go with…

Adam Pally. I think I tipped in his favor because he had more moments to shine this season than Glover. The tennis match. The Mr. Gay Gay Chicago Pageant. The food truck war. The aforementioned gay wedding expo. Max was front and center in those. Good job, Adam Pally. Your show was cancelled, but you will live on in infamy.

[Ed. note: To be fair, I could have used this clip for Wayans as well. Or Eliza Coupe or Elisha Cuthbert. Hilarious. This show will be missed.]

Best Supporting Actress in a Drama


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