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Press Play: Anthony P. McGlaun

June 5, 2013


Last week I received a message with links to listen to Anthony P. McGlaun‘s new music, but I was traveling and didn’t have appropriate time nor access. So, this morning I sat down with my cup of coffee and pressed play. I’m glad I did. You will be too in just a few minutes.

McGlaun, a Detroit native, earned both a BA in (Morehouse College) and a Master of (University of Northern iowa) Music before tackling a career as a professor, and subsequently jumping to the stage after relocating to New York City in 2009. During that time, he received this critical piece from The New York Times:

“It proved a telling, if too brief, showcase for Anthony P. McGlaun who gave an amusingly characterized and well-sung performance as Robert in Hin und Zurück.

And let’s be honest, any actor, singer, performer, wants such praise from the Times. An endorsement from them proves that McGlaun is a worthy reason to attend any show he’s in. That simple. And currently, he is appearing in a national tour of Porgy and Bess. I say check your local listings and see if it is headed your way.

In the meantime, click play, below, and listen to a couple of songs he has on his website. Feel free to go check out more; there are plenty. I chose these as they are the most recognizable covers. I’m impressed. You will be too.


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