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Ten Reasons Judith & Sarah’s Backers Should Vote #TeamSasha

June 3, 2013
Photo courtesy of NBC.

Photo courtesy of NBC.

With last week’s surprise 1-2 punch of losing both Judith Hill and Sarah Simmons (two of the strongest contenders in the race) on The Voice, we’re left with a huge voting block that needs to figure out where to direct their texts (and calls) (and those iTunes dollars). I say throw them all at the best voice left in the competition – Sasha Allen. Here’s why:

1. First, this is The Voice, not American Idol. Everyone on the stage can sing. Sasha just happens to be the best. #thatisall.

2. Have you paid attention to what she’s singing? She’s ran the gamut from country to indie pop to dance to rock to the freakin’ Beatles! She can sing absolutely anything.

3. If you liked Judith’s poise and professionalism, then you probably already like Sasha’s as well. They’ve both already been in the business for a while, but neither had a chance to grab ahold of the golden ring. Until now. #TeamJudith: you need to throw your vote Sasha’s way.

4. If you liked Sarah’s voice, song selections and general vibe, then Sasha would be your next choice. Everyone else seems to blend together. #TeamSarah: Do your part… hit up Sasha’s iTunes page.

5. If you’re a fan of any of the rest of the singers. Okay. Go back and watch Sasha’s videos on Youtube with your eyes closed and listen like you were one of the judges. You’ll get it then. And then, vote for Sasha.

6. Tonight, Sasha is going to sing two songs. I don’t have a clue what they are, but I can tell you that she will belt them out like the professional she is and they will sound great coming out of your Beats By Dre headphones tomorrow afternoon.

7. Winning The Voice will allow Sasha to make that album and continue her acting career as well (remember, she starred in the cult classic film Camp and Broadway’s Tony Award-winning revival of Hair). I am waiting to see her do that Dixie Chicks cover on Nashville next season.

8. You have a good reason not to?

9. I told you to.

10. You’ll look smart in front of your friends for backing a potential break-out star. Imagine how Jennifer Hudson’s Idol supporters felt when she picked up that Grammy.

Watch the final six tonight on The Voice and then get to voting. Tell a friend. Tell a cousin, your mom, your auntie, your next door neighbor. Anyone with a phone and $1.29 in their pocket. I plan to do my part. You handle yours.


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