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First Look: Welcome to the Family (NBC)

May 14, 2013
Photo courtesy of NBC.

Photo courtesy of NBC.

SHOW: Welcome to the Family, comedy

WHO: Mary McCormack (In Plain Sight), Mike O’Malley (Glee), Richardo Chavira (Desperate Housewives), Ella Rae Peck (Deception), Aramis Knight (General Hospital), Justina Machado (Private Practice), Joey Haro (Awkward)

WHAT: Cultures collide when a white family and a Latino family are bonded together by their children who fall in love followed quickly by an unplanned pregnancy.

WHEN: Thursdays, 8:30 PM EST


BOTTOM LINE: Cultures collide when the kids fall in love. Well, if we haven’t seen that one before… I’m intrigued if only because this will be O’Malley’s first big role since his memorable turn on Glee (Remember the hot mess that was Yes, Dear?). Plus, I have been a fan of McCormack (who’s also a producer) since her days on The West Wing. And Chavira brings familiarity after eons playing Carlos on Desperate Housewives. But, I can already tell you it doesn’t seem like appointment TV.


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