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best reason to have a cup of coffee (sofa awards 2012)

December 31, 2012

The ninth annual sofa awards… keep coming back as more recipients are revealed throughout the rest of the year.

38Sprezzatura i dolce, the Atlanta-based Italian cookie company ran by Dr. Sandra Kolka, renowned culinary master, made some significant steps forward in 2012. More specifically, Dr. Kolka placed her biscotti, the most authentic i dolce this side of Liguria, in the Manhattan hotspot Astor Row Café. Creating the perfect accompaniment to the delicious coffee and lattes being served at Astor Row, the biscotti (they serve the ground hazelnut) have a hint of sweetness, but not overly so. And unlike 99.999% of the commercial biscotti available in the world, it isn’t chewy; it’s a nice, hard bite, with a slight crumble at the end. Which, for the record, is the exact way biscotti should be served. The coffee at ARC is very happy to have such a strong and interesting companion.

If you don’t live in Atlanta or Manhattan, but are interested in having your own taste of Sprezzatura l dolce, contact Kolka. She is building this company from the ground up and definitely would love the business. And, if you own a coffee shop or small boutique or anything of the like and would be interested in a monthly order of the biscotti, please contact Sandra Kolka for details. Her Twitter handle is @Kolkakitchen. She is also on Facebook and her website is under construction.


Yes, that sounds like a commercial. But that’s okay. Maybe it is. Maybe I owe Doc one for the hard work and dedication she’s put in over the years on my behalf. But, without hesitation, I would fully recommend any of these…

Double Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti

Made with deep and delicious chocolates, whole toasted hazelnuts, espresso and no butter, these are crisp and incredible with coffee and killer with a glass of Cabernet.

Double Chocolate Hazelnut dipped in dark chocolate

The same fabulous biscotti described above, dipped in luscious dark chocolate.

Classic Almond Biscotti

Made with toasted whole almonds, lemon, lime and orange zests, no butter, these are the most popular biscotti for all-day snacking in Italy, particularly excellent with Vin Santo for dessert.

Classic Almond Biscotti dipped in dark chocolate

The same delicious biscotti described above, dipped in luscious dark chocolate.

Hazelnut Bran Biscotti

These are an adaptation from an Italian Contessa via the Golden Door Spa in California.  Made with toasted hazelnuts, wheat bran, vanilla bean and sweet butter.  Excellent!

Bucky’s Gorilla Biscotti 21K

A surprise favorite that would raise eyebrows in Italy—homemade granola full of healthy, all-natural stuff — mixed toasted nuts, dried fruits, coconut, sunflower, flax and sesame seeds, honey, wheat bran and germ, cinnamon and honey! Check out the Bucky’s Gorilla Cookie Backstory on our website!

Union Square Café’s Almond Biscotti

Delicious—thin, crisp, buttery, slivered almonds, lemon, anise with Sambuca, these are positively addictive, even for those who think they don’t like anise. Truly Italian.


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  1. January 8, 2013 8:49 PM

    Astor Row also sells an Ah-mazing sticky bun and their tea blends are the best in Harlem hands down!

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