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most under-appreciated show (sofa awards 2012)

December 26, 2012

The ninth annual sofa awards… keep coming back as more recipients are revealed throughout the rest of the year…

24I am a fan of Southland. Always have been. It’s probably the most under-rated shows on television, with viewers tuning in by the dozens and no one nominating it for any awards, despite the fact that Regina King delivers a weekly tour de force performance that should be required viewing for any and every young actor in Hollywood. This year was no exception. King’s Detective Lydia Adams found out that she is pregnant and, as with any woman whose life revolves around her job, had to deal with it. Her situation was compounded, however, by the dangerous nature of her job. King played the see-saw of emotions well, as we watched Adams grapple with what she wanted to do and slowly saw her realize that she already loves the baby growing inside her. It was a significant moment for her character, as for viewers who have watched Lydia try to let go and enjoy life over the past few seasons.

Southland has tightened its core cast down to King, Michael Cudlitz (Officer John Cooper), Shawn Hatosy (Officer Sammy Bryant) and Ben McKenzie (Officer Ben Sherman), which allows for better story-telling and a short-run guest performer here and there. Last season, the show added Lucy Lui as Officer Jessica Tang, the cop who was paired with Cudlitz’ Cooper following his return to duty after a detox from his addiction to painkillers. Tang was a great addition to the cast and provided the perfect partner for Cudlitz’ particular brand of police officering. Lui’s performance was pitch-perfect proving that she is, in fact, a good actress and not just a pretty face. In fact, I would say that her performance on Southland made picking her as Watson for the new Sherlock Holmes show on CBS (Elementary) one of the easiest decisions made in years.


other 2012 sofa awards:

best place to purchase a school bus and hang it on your wall

best reason to have a cup of coffee

most creative way of throwing stuff together and turning it into usable art

best new voice [tv]

best reason to judge a book by its cover

best place to meet an up and coming somebody

most breath-taking film

best reason to pay for premium cable

michelle obama award for physical fitness

best thing to hit reality tv since nene leakes

best new voice [film]

best reason to watch the lowest-rated show in history

most decadent reason to book a flight to nashville

best reason to partake in sex and drugs. and sushi.

best tribute album

best guilty pleasure

best use of $3

best new voice [music]

best-named dessert house

best show for Kleenex to support with ad purchases

most unintended-yet-infectious lyrics


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