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most decadent reason to book a flight to nashville (sofa awards 2012)

December 26, 2012

The ninth annual sofa awards… keep coming back as more recipients are revealed throughout the rest of the year…

31Bella Bark: a decadent blend of milk and dark chocolate over crispy rice, topped with caramel and nuts. Colts Bolts: whole almonds mixed in peanut butter and sandwiched between discs of rich milk or dark chocolate. Happy Trails: trail mix coated in peanut butter and chocolate. And such are the wonders coming out of The Gulch, Nashville’s answer to the Lower East Side. Colts Chocolates, a chocolate confectionary owned and operated by former Hee Haw cast member, Mackenzie Colt, has an established track record within the community and a growing fanbase of chocolate aficionados from around the world. In addition to the candies listed above, Colts offers a slew of delicacies (many of which have won the prestigious sofi award for excellence in gourmet food products), all of which can be found on their website.

Besides the retail outlet, Colts offers wholesale opportunities for their candies, including making the chocolate-covered marshmallows a rather significant national chain sells each year for the holidays. They also supply the candies for stores within the Gaylord Hotel chain, as well as provide a sweet treat for the Who’s Who of the country music industry. From Roy Rogers and Dale Evans to names like Dolly Parton, Garth Brooks, Joan Rivers, President and Mrs. Bush, Dick Clark, Kenny Rogers and many more pop up in the client lists of Colt Chocolates.

But let’s get back to the taste. It’s amazing. The kind of stuff that you might accidentally eat all in one setting if you don’t pace yourself. And isn’t that the very definition of decadence?



other 2012 sofa awards:

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most under-appreciated show

best reason to partake in sex and drugs. and sushi.

best tribute album

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best new voice [music]

best-named dessert house

best show for Kleenex to support with ad purchases

most unintended-yet-infectious lyrics


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