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best reason to watch the lowest-rated show in history (sofa awards 2012)

December 26, 2012

The ninth annual sofa awards… keep coming back as more recipients are revealed throughout the rest of the year…

5I kept seeing ads for a new show on The CW called The L.A. Complex, but had no plans to watch it. The CW doesn’t really produce shows that interest me and Complex looked less than complex. I opted out. I did, however, see the headlines that the show debuted to the lowest ratings in Nielson’s history. That certainly made me feel more confident in my decision. And then one night, I was flipping through channels and came across a scene with this stunning – hold up, let me be clear – stunningly handsome man in a wifebeater. Face, arms, everything was right. So, I didn’t change channels. I watch the remainder of the episode, realizing that I had stumbled upon The L.A. Complex, but wanting to see more of this guy. At the end of the episode, he kissed another guy. I was done.


I immediately did my due diligence and IMDB’d the show, found out that the actor’s name was Andra Fuller and started following him on Twitter. Anybody that fine needed an extra follower anyway, right? But here’s where the funny stuff started. I kept coming back to watch the show. At first, I fast-forwarded through the other storylines because the writing and acting was boring. This Fuller guy was not only sexy as hell, but was turning out to be a good actor. On a show on the CW. As the season progressed,* I got into a few of the other storylines, specifically that of Jewel Straite She, too, was doing a good job with that material they were giving her. Which was getting better.

As the show started its wind down for the summer, I realized that even the writers had found a groove. Let’s be honest, shows often need to find their voice. And that is exactly what happened with The L.A. Complex. It went from being a show I was embarrassed to admit I watched to a show unafraid to tell tough stories. There certainly wasn’t another program out this year that had a major hip hop star involved in a torrid affair with his producer only to eventually beat him up, attempt suicide and then fall in love with a lawyer trying to sue him. And then come out like his name was Frank Ocean, but if Frank Ocean was The Game or 50 Cent.

The show was cancelled in December, so we have no where new to go with these characters, but here’s hoping that someone snatches Fuller up quickly and gives him a storyline just as meaty as the one he just finished. I want to see more from him.

Excerpts from the finale, whoever wrote this episode did an excellent job and Fuller delivered.

PS — Oh, oh, oh!!! And I almost forgot. I was living for that Baby Huey-sampled Kaldrick King song “Hard Times.” Where is it on iTunes? I need that in my life. Wait, and Fuller raps too? #imdone

*Technically, we’re talking two seasons, but they ran over the course of the summer and both were abbreviated. 


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