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best guilty pleasure (sofa awards 2012)

December 21, 2012

The ninth annual sofa awards… keep coming back as more recipients are revealed throughout the rest of the year…

25I will openly admit that I was one of many who openly berated ABC for a show as silly as The Neighbors when they first announced it. To have it on the schedule alongside such brilliant comedies as Modern Family and Happy Endings made absolutely no sense. So, when it was time for me to watch the pilot, I went dark. I didn’t tweet about it, I didn’t tell anyone what was going on. I just ordered a pizza and settled in with a nice 6-pack. But here’s where it got weird: the show wasn’t a total disaster. Now, don’t get me wrong; it’s not good. But it also isn’t bad. The humor hits, as broad as it is, and the moral-of-the-week storytelling harkens back to sitcoms of my childhood, like Full House and Growing Pains.

In fact, I would say that the Real Housewives episode stands as some of the funniest, most laugh out loud work I saw on any comedy this year. And yes, that includes the entire season of the highly overrated “comedy” that is Girls. Toks Olagundoye as Jackie Joyner-Kersee was hilarious. I am talking laugh-out-loud funny. I watched a couple of episodes with my niece (she looks up to me so I knew there would be no judging coming from her) at her request and she loved it. This is the kind of show that belongs on a Friday or Saturday night when families are at home and want to watch something other than those over-acting children on Disney. Besides, when was the last time a network aired anything other than a rerun on a Saturday night. Give the kids something to watch! Jami Gertz is a relatable actress and I really do like her in this role. I have never told anyone I watch this show because… God, it looks and sounds awful. But, it is a fun show that doesn’t try too hard. I like it. There, I said it.


other 2012 sofa awards:

best place to purchase a school bus and hang it on your wall

best reason to have a cup of coffee

most creative way of throwing stuff together and turning it into usable art

best new voice [tv]

best reason to judge a book by its cover

best place to meet an up and coming somebody

most breath-taking film

best reason to pay for premium cable

michelle obama award for physical fitness

best thing to hit reality tv since nene leakes

best new voice [film]

best reason to watch the lowest-rated show in history

most decadent reason to book a flight to nashville

most under-appreciated show

best reason to partake in sex and drugs. and sushi.

best blend of comedy and drama

best use of $3

best new voice [music]

best-named dessert house

best show for Kleenex to support with ad purchases

most unintended-yet-infectious lyrics


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