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best blend of comedy and drama (sofa awards 2012)

December 21, 2012

The ninth annual sofa awards… keep coming back as more recipients are revealed throughout the rest of the year…

23Shameless is a hilarious show. That’s why when it was submitted as a drama for Emmy consideration during its freshman year I was so confused. It seems the writers were too. With the second season, they managed to intricately mix in equal amounts of drama – the serious, heavy-lifting kind, not the Atlanta Housewives kind – with all of that funny. By bringing in Chloe Webb’s Monica, we got a new look at the family (did you notice how fiercely independent oldest daughter Fiona [Emmy Rossum] quickly dissolved and let her mommy in?) and a fresh outlook on how Frank’s (William Macy) alcoholism and drug addiction really affect the family.

That being said, I am so glad they kept doses of the humor. How hilarious is Joan Cusack as Sheila, who stole her grandchild from the hospital and rode off with her daughter’s boyfriend on the back of a motorcycle and put a pillow on Grammy’s face and sat on it so she could help her have a merciful death? I died. I laughed so damn hard I thought I would hurt myself. I’m going to see if that’s on YouTube right now.


other 2012 sofa awards:

best place to purchase a school bus and hang it on your wall

best reason to have a cup of coffee

most creative way of throwing stuff together and turning it into usable art

best new voice [tv]

best reason to judge a book by its cover

best place to meet an up and coming somebody

most breath-taking film

best reason to pay for premium cable

michelle obama award for physical fitness

best thing to hit reality tv since nene leakes

best new voice [film]

best reason to watch the lowest-rated show in history

most decadent reason to book a flight to nashville

most under-appreciated show

best reason to partake in sex and drugs. and sushi.

best guilty pleasure

best use of $3

best new voice [music]

best-named dessert house

best show for Kleenex to support with ad purchases

most unintended-yet-infectious lyrics


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