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NBC Saved By The Voice Contestant Amanda Brown

November 1, 2012

photo courtesy of NBC.

With the one-two punch of the “steal” and the “knockout rounds,” The Voice has helped re-invigorate NBC and pull them out of free-fall. Coupled with the enticing Revolution from JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot, NBC (which at this point last year was trailing everyone in all demographics), has actually won week after week of the ratings race.

So let’s talk about it. What happened? A few things came into focus at once, from the Olympics coverage to NBC debuting their new season ahead of the other networks, but I am going to assign the credit to the steal. More specifically, the first night of the battle rounds, which ended with a dramatic showdown between front-runner Trevin Hunte and underdog Amanda Brown from Team Cee-Lo. Cee-Lo, himself, has said that he expected Trevin to easily win that battle, but Amanda performed with a sophisticated, nuanced take on Mariah Carey’s “Vision of Love” that showcased the power of, well, her Voice, that she had Adam Levine jumping up and standing on his chair, begging her to join his team. Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton, too, were trying to woo her. The crowd were up on their feet, the audience at home, sitting on the edge of their collective seats. Neither singer deserved to go home after that performance and luckily because of the steal, no one did. Cee-Lo stuck with Trevin, but Adam snatched Amanda up in a heartbeat.

So did I just give Amanda Brown and Trevin Hunte credit for resurrecting NBC? Kind of. Although I think the real story is Brown. Everyone loves an underdog. She came out and was expected to fail and instead changed the expected course of the whole contest. Analytics from the official NBC YouTube of her blind audition have been disabled, but my money says that of the 450,000 views it has received, the biggest jump came the day after the battle round episode aired. Here’s that video.

And, after watching this past week’s knockout round, it becomes obvious that Amanda belongs on Adam’s team. With her rock-tinged vocals, covering “Paris (Ooh La La),” a song by indie rock band Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Brown has challenged the age-old theory that black girls cannot rock. Going against expectations and doing a rock song in lieu of a Whitney Houston/Mariah Carey ballad helped her out immensely. Think about it: out of three performances, she has sung a modest hit from Amy Winehouse, a seminal hit from Mariah Carey and a cover of a song from a band that most of America has never heard of. Amanda Brown is the business. You can quote me on that.

While we’re quoting, TVLine’s Michael Slezak praised Adam Levine for “thwart[ing] the early exit of one of the most exciting reality singing contestants since Kelly Clarkson (let’s hear it for Amanda Brown!).” That’s a pretty heavy statement. I think we need to keep our eyes (and ears) on Miss Brown. Live shows start Monday night. Watch and vote. I certainly will.


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  1. Thea Strand permalink
    November 1, 2012 10:33 PM

    I thought the Steal would be a great thing until I’ve seen that the new coaches don’t get to know their stolen team members and none of them are making it out of the next round. Blake even said, ” I have so much time invested in Julio…I gotta go with him.” So, I’m not as excited by the steal factor. If they change it so that the stolen contestant gets some time with their new coach it would be more fair.

    • cindy permalink
      November 4, 2012 3:36 PM

      Amanda was a steal, and she made it through to the live show.. but I agree with you regarding Blake’s decision to go with Julio. MarrissaAnne blew him outta the water … why Blake picked him, I will never understand. He won’t last the first cut once America starts to vote.

  2. Darslow permalink
    November 2, 2012 3:47 AM

    Amanda is freakin’ amazing. I love rock girls. I hope she become the next big female rocker like Tina Turner. I know she’s going to knock the socks off the current talent in the industry. She has unbelievable pipes. I want to see her and Trevin Hunte in the finals. That’s going to be epic.


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