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you’ll fall for vicelounge’s latest offering(s)

October 17, 2012

Allen is on the left. Nubian, the right. Photo courtesy of vicelounge.

The folks over at vicelounge are at it again. The hyper-creative team of Tai Allen and Jonn Nubian, who incidentally never met a lower-case letter they didn’t love, have been creating and now are ready to share their sonic wonders with the world. Taking a decidedly interesting approach, the duo decided to interpret the same idea in various ways. The song, “that fall,” originated as a poem in ’07 that the duo kept re-working and re-imagining in new and imaginative ways. According to Allen, “The song/poem always felt mercurial. Like no version ever caught the full scope of being in want, while wanting out.” From that came this mishmash of concepts, with Allen and Nubian going wherever they were moved. We start off with a  midtempo banger (runaway mash), sexy and inherently danceable at the same time. Up next is a moody lounge jawn (hit the ground), perfect for the artistic one in your crew to listen to as s/he stomps the streets, looking for inspiration. The third draft of the song (never fall 9th mash & grab), is for your tree-hugging, raw-food-eating friends in Brooklyn, very neo-souly/rap. The very thing you’d expect Talib Kweli to listen to as he heads over to buy some Nubian Heritage black soap on Flatbush Avenue. It’s certainly the calmingest track. Track four (when the rain falls short) is an instrumental inspired by the previous incarnations. It’s got an almost transient sound; something that would be perfect in a French lounge. And then as a lagniappe, they include a live version of trouble (my cousins), a little ditty Allen has been found performing around the NY poet’s circuit.

Offering the whole collection as low as $1 is silly since it’s worth way more (note to everyone reading, you’re given an option on how much to spend; is you can, go ahead and bump up that number), but it also goes to show that Allen and Nubian are in the game for the love of the music; they certainly won’t get rich making 50¢ at a time. Go download the mix, listen, enjoy, share. Below, the vicelounge group’s bio, verbatim from their website (no need to change well-expressed thoughts):

The music changes according to our moods and yours. sometimes we are the knock in your speaker that fuzzies as you turn up the bass. other times we are the bag of purple needed to lose the day.

It is never just about sound. it is always about what mood we want to present you, as a way to bolster your own. one thing is for sure this is runway music for the sexy and grown.

oh… in short .. sounds GOOD



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