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Dexter/Homeland Art in Grand Central

September 27, 2012

Dexter’s latest?

Just in time for this Sunday’s season premieres of Showtime’s Dexter (season 7; 9PM EST) and Homeland (season 2; 10PM EST), there is an installation in Vanderbilt Hall at Manhattan’s Grand Central Station celebrating both shows. From art to gaming systems to interactive pieces (a Dexter kill table!), the piece certainly celebrates the aura of their respective dramas. And, obviously, they serve as great advertising for the new seasons. That being said, let’s be real, does Homeland need more good press after taking home Emmys last weekend for Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series and Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series? Good show, Showtime.

Yesterday morning I went to Grand Central to walk through the space myself and took the lovely and talented Myoshi Marilla with me. Ms. Marilla, a jazz/soul singer (cop her CD here) with a voice from the heavens/model, is a huge fan of Dexter and been a kitchensofa girl for years. And what a fun time we had. From Myoshi jumping up on that kill table to me passing the polygraph test the Homeland people had us take (complete with real former FBI agents administering the tests!), it is a great interactive experience.

If you’re in NYC, you should swing by. The installation will be up until Friday evening. And, make sure you catch the season premieres of both Dexter and Homeland this Sunday night.

Artwork by Erika IRI5 Simmons that explores the tension bound within the character Dexter, and his disconnected but still meaningful relationship with his sister Deb – always close, yet distant. The resulting image is a compromise between the two opposing forces, the objects of destruction in the foreground and the “so-called” empty space, in each of us is another we do not know.

Artwork by Ian Wright. One of the most dramatic and memorable moments from the first season of Homeland was when Saul helped construct Carrie’s wall of evidence against Brody. For the first time, all the pieces started to literally come together een though Carrie herself was falling apart. Using that moment as inspiration, Wright used a collage effect to take us inside Carrie’s mind to present her method of operation – at first glace, all you see are random photos and documents. A closer look, however, reveals the object of her obsession.

Myoshi getting wrapped up on that kill table.



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