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ABG 2:4 – The Search

September 19, 2012

The second season of The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl is well under way and here’s what we’ve learned: White Jay is confusing. Why is he avoiding intimacy with J? I will keep rolling with this story, but I miss Fred and his dimples. And our heroine, J, is fed up with her job – clearly enough to turn them all into Walking Dead extras for a day. I see an awkward interview session in the near future.

Golden nuggets from this month’s show:

“Straight As. Perfect attendance. But really, boo, I just want you in this. I’m tired of the tests. I’m ready for the answers. Be my private tutor. I’ll be your private dancer. I’m ready to learn. Is you ready to be my teacher? Circle yes, and take my virginity…” – J

“It’s basically like a mix between a cat dying and the Harlem Shake. I call it the Cat Shake.” – CiCi

“Those kids need me. I’m like their Mary Poplock.” – CiCi

“Qualifications: can read good, speak some English… Yes! I got that shit on lock…. I had that shit on lock when I was seven.” – J

“The is where people who major in African American Studies end up sweetie.” – J’s college friend when she sees J working at Wal-Mart

“Try BlackPeopleMeet… they’re like the Goodwill of online dating.” – Nina


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