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They’re Back, They’re Back: Cougar Town is Very Funny!!

September 14, 2012

TV shows are, for the most part, create their own little world, their own insular communities that fans will recognize immediately. You hear about an “Observer,” and the Fringe folks snap to attention, someone mentions a Post It wedding and the Grey’s Anatomy fans are ready to fight over the validity of it. And so forth and so on. Most shows are lucky to have one, maybe two, such defining symbols of their on-screen antics. Cougar Town, however, that wine-swilling, Penny-Can-playing, imaginary-hat-tipping, Abed-from-Community-loving, title-card-sequence-changing sitcom for which nothing is too sacred to be ripped on, is lucky enough to have an over-flow of them. And that’s why the fan base, while small, is extremely vocal. We love the brilliance of the show and, quite honestly, are seriously confused why shows like Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and Swamp People regularly trump the Cul-de-Sac Crew in the ratings.

TBS noticed the funny and snatched the show from ABC before they could cancel it last season. Now, there’s a 15-episode season 4 on the way in January (8th to be exact. Which is a Tuesday), with an option for more seasons should it do well. And, as we know from shows like The Game and the far superior Southland, switching to basic cable from broadcast can be a life saver. Here’s hoping the show gets a new life and ABC wishes they’d kept it around a bit longer.

Below, the save the date video, recorded by the cast, with several noticeable cameos. Enjoy.

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