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Frenchie Davis’ New Single’s Got a Hold On Me

September 5, 2012

Photo courtesy of that good old Youtube screen grab.

Frenchie Davis… ahhh, Frenchie Davis. We fell in love with her back in the preliminary rounds of American Idol‘s second season, signed the petitions when she was unceremoniously let go from the competition, cheered as she rebounded with a role in Rent on Broadway, shook our moneymakers to her club banger, “You Are” and cried when she realized Cee-Lo recognized her when she first appeared on The Voice. Miss Davis has been doing that struggling artist thing for a minute now, getting a mid-to-high-profile gig here and there, but never quite reaching the highs that we want for her or that she deserves. That’s all about to change. With the release of the lead single for her debut album, Just Frenchie (due out sometime after the new year), a new, but certainly recognizable, voice is on the scene. The single, “Love’s Got A Hold On Me,” has a beat that draws you in and a hook that will get stuck in your head and won’t let go. It’s this simple: it’s a really good song. And Frenchie’s vocals are spot-on. Her voice soars, giving us that elusive record that’s both well-sung and danceable. Add to it the beautiful video directed by Brian Friedman and Chán André, which is filled with gorgeous model/dancers going all Mad Max in the desert, and you have the makings of a perfect storm. I spoke with Frenchie this afternoon and she tells me that there are remixes coming soon, but I like this version so I am not pressed. In fact, I am going to go buy it now on iTunes. You should too.

I got mine. Did you get yours? We can wait. Go get it now. It’s $1.29. Your ears will thank you. So will your spirit.

Okay, we’re all back now? Good. Now, watch the video and enjoy. Don’t forget: Frenchie’s debut album, Just Frenchie,  will be out in early 2013, remixes for “Love’s Got A Hold On Me” will be coming soon, and there’s a second single and a Christmas song coming out before the year ends. Frenchie is definitely making sure her voice heard this time!


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