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ABG-2.3: The Jingle

August 20, 2012

Okay, so here’s the story: I’m behind. Like, hella behind. I was on vacation and got lazy and just stopped doing my job. Not that I get paid for it anyway. But I did. Stopped. Completely. And then Mama J took me to task and put me in my place. So, I’m climbing back on my sofa and sharing stories again. This one is about the Misadventures of [an] Awkward Black Girl and her Mama.

Every month since my initial ABG discovery and marathon, I have quickly uploaded the latest broadcast to my site and told every reader, Facebook friend, Twitter follower, you name it, to start watching. And you have. Thanks, by the way. The August episode came with great fanfare (a red carpet premiere at Magic Johnson Theater in Harlem, with creator and star Issa Rae, cast members, i am OTHER leader Pharrell Williams, journalists, etc. Basically, everyone but me) and the full introduction of Miss Helena-Joyce Wright as J’s Mama, who puts her on a life-altering path despite her short 120 seconds of screen time.

And now here’s the new episode:


Notable quotes from this episode:

“Snitches get stitches. Bitch.” – J

“Let the Heavens/Change my thighs” – Sister Mary

“Sometimes I wish I could ‘white girl’ my mom.” – J

“I’m dressed like this because I was eating cereal. With hot milk. And it got really hot in here.” – J (who’s wearing lingerie)

Mama: I’m sick of getting YOUR mail at OUR mansion.                                                                                           J: A townhouse is not a mansion.                                                                                                              Mama: Name it and claim it.

The next episode, “Job Hunting,” debuts Thursday, September 13th. Be there.


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