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Emmys 2012: Outstanding Comedy Series

July 19, 2012

A combination of factors threw me off schedule. I have slapped together the final two categories in my examination of who should be nominated for this year’s Emmy Awards. My apologies. Here we go: Outstanding Comedy Series.


Pros: A hilarious new show, featuring a slightly Sarah Palin-esque Vice President with Julia-Louis Dreyfus in the title role. Everything about it screams Emmy.

Cons: It’s brand spankin’ new and unproven.

Bottom Line: Never underestimate the power of Dreyfus.

ShowParks and Recreation

Pros: Considered by many to be the funniest show on TV right now.

Cons: Only managed to sneak in last year. Will it happen again?

Bottom Line: Yes, let’s go with yes!

ShowHappy Endings

Pros: A sleeper hit that is slowly growing in popularity and quality with each new episode.

Cons: It might be too under-the-radar.

Bottom Line: I don’t see it happening, but certainly would love for votes to go that direction.


Pros: A veteran in a sea of newbies. Weeds has a proven track record and loyal following.

Cons: The newer and prettier shows might overpower Nancy and crew.

Bottom Line: I don’t think they’ll be nominated.

ShowCougar Town

Pros: Three seasons in and it just gets funnier. Knowing that your network doesn’t care gives you a blank check to just go for it and they did.

Cons: It cost them a spot on ABC’s schedule next fall. Thank God for TBS.

Bottom Line: Hahaha, yeah, right.

ShowNew Girl

Pros: A popular new show, led by a movie star, with a large following and quality scripts/acting… sounds like an Emmy nominee to me.

Cons: Hmmmm…

Bottom Line: Probably so.


Pros: Much like its brother from another mother, Cougar Town, Community wore its crazy on its sleeve all season long. And that generated great TV.

Cons: Unfortunately, great TV and Emmys don’t always go hand in hand.

Bottom Line: Only in a dreamatorium.

ShowThe Big Bang Theory

Pros: One of the highest-rated shows on TV that still generates Emmy nominations? Ladies and gentlemen, we have an anomaly.

Cons: Votes might cancel each other out?

Bottom Line: Yes to a nomination.

ShowModern Family

Pros: The reigning winner, two years in a row.

Cons: It’s actually not as funny as everyone seems to think it is. Or, at least that’s what I think..

Bottom Line: Your winner.

ShowHouse of Lies

Pros: Don Cheadle stars in a witty dark comedy that takes on big business.

Cons: It’s brand spankin’ new and unproven.

Bottom Line: Cheadle doesn’t have the power of a Julia-Louis Dreyfus, but he’s still an Oscar-caliber actor. We’ll see…

ShowNurse Jackie

Pros: Nominated in 2010.

Cons: But then dropped out of the category after that.

Bottom Line: No nomination.

ShowThe Big C

Pros: Laura Linney in a prestige piece for Showtime. And it involves cancer.

Cons: Interestingly enough hasn’t made the cut yet.

Bottom Line: It won’t start now.

Show30 Rock

Pros: A repeat winner, on the upswing, going into their final season. A definite.

Cons: Only issue might be the shiny and new coming from some of the other contenders.

Bottom Line: Tina Fey. Alec Baldwin. Emmy. Come on. You already know.

ShowDon’t Trust the B—- In Apt. 23

Pros: A sometimes over-the-top comedy that has manage to create enough buzz that it might well land itself an Emmy nod.

Cons: Only IF people pay attention to the buzz.

Bottom Line: Too new school, without any prestige. Not gonna happen.


Pros: Comedian Louis C.K. takes the screen. Comedy ensues. A lot of it.

Cons: What if the Emmys get scared and only nominate repeat nominees?

Bottom Line: Listen for it…


Pros: One of the most-talked about shows of the year, Girls is honestly a very funny show.

Cons: Is the target demographic too specific?

Bottom Line: Dunham will get some kind of nomination. Let’s see what it’s for.


Pros: Way wittier than one would expect, this middling show has become a solid performer.

Cons: It might have come too late.

Bottom Line: Word of mouth is your friend. Watch it, love it, tell a friend. Maybe next year.


Which six (6) shows would you nominate for Outstanding Comedy Series?


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