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Comic-Con: The Walking Dead, Season 3

July 14, 2012

Friday saw the long-awaited first trailer for season 3 of AMC‘s hit show The Walking Dead. Debuting at Comic-Con, the 4-minute video shows two clearly separate narrative tales, one following the bulk of the cast as Rick leads them into the  prison, seen at the close of last season’s finale and appears to be a huge part of the book series, and the other following Andrea and her new buddy Michonne, who meet this infamous Governor we’ve been hearing about for two seasons. So, what it looks like is that we have gotten to the point in the TV series that all of the readers have loved in the books. Expectations are high.

To be fair, the clip is certainly interesting. Lots of action, lots of blood, lots of dead dead people. It’s certainly not the character exposition of season 2. Tidbits:

  • I saw Carol with a gun, but then I also saw her standing behind a fence looking useless, so we cannot think she’s grown a backbone just yet.
  • That infamous helicopter appears once again and this time we see military personnel in it, until they start screaming, “Mayday!” and it looks like they crash.
  • Merle is back with a Grindhouse-style hand that has a gun/knife/McGuyver look to it.
  • The Governor really is playing a governor, of a small protected city-within-the-madness that’s been set up. I’m definitely intrigued by that one.
  • There are a lot of zombies in this prison (to be fair, it’s a big-ass prison and was probably full of convicted felons when the zombie outbreak began, so it would make sense that it would be so full, which also begs the question of why they decide they want to take it).
  • The young blonde girl who was on last season and didn’t get eaten by a zombie is still around. And apparently gets to sing. I hope T-Dawg doesn’t get jealous.

And with that, here we go. What did you see that I missed?


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