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She is Just a Rapper: Tina Fey Makes Her Rap Debut on Childish Gambino’s Newest Mixtape

July 5, 2012

Multi-hyphenate Tina Fey added another one to the list this week as she made her rap debut on buddy Donald Glover‘s latest mixtape as Childish Gambino, Royalty. Glover, a former 30 Rock writer (and current Community cast member working on diversifying his own hyphens), had her close out the project on a song called “Real Estate,” alongside rappers Alley Boy and Swank. You can download Royalty here.

I’m sorry, but I need to be clear: I love and adore Tina Fey; she is unafraid of doing anything for a good laugh. Yes, this is all about being funny and she kills!!  A couple of choice lines:

“My President is black and my Prius is blue, mutha fuckaaa!”

“We droppin’ racks at Nordstrom, son. That’s racks on racks, dammit.”

I am dying over here.

Okay, back to work… Besides Fey, Gambino has brought in a slew of collaborators for this mixtape, a far cry from his previous 2012 release, Camp, which he produced himself and was pretty much all-Gambino, all the time. Beck, RZA, Ghostface Killah make appearances, alongside other underground sensations like Schoolboy Q, Ab Soul and Danny Brown. Producers include names like Beck, Boi-1da and skywlkr. It’s a great CD; been in heavy rotation since I first saw the tweet announcing it late Tuesday.

Go get it and listen and love. I have included Fey’s song for those of you who just want to test it out. It is rap. It is definitely NSFW. Unless you work at a cool place that is okay with Gambino’s antics. If so, lemme know where that is; I’m looking for work. Fey’s part starts around 4:55.

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