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First Look: Weeds, Season 8

June 19, 2012

With the announcement that the upcoming eighth season of Weeds will be its last, fans have been trying to figure out how the ground-breaking dramedy will end its run. I can tell you this much: you won’t find out from the first teaser. I mean, you’ll get that someone did get shot in that last scene from last season’s finale, but it might not have been Nancy. So, there’s a bit of “Who Shot JR?” going on, but I also am hearing rumors of another time jump, so everything is up for interpretation. And isn’t that more fun anyway?

Below the tease is a quick behind-the-scenes with the cast, discussing the direction of the final season, including an announcement that they will be returning to suburbia. And, just a about 15 minutes ago, Romany Malco tweeted that “#Weeds creators & I just conferenced about #Conrad’s return” resulting in a deluge of responses from fans. Lots of shows bring back fan favorites from seasons past for the final few episodes and an appearance by Malco’s beloved Conrad (and wishing against wishes here – Elizabeth Perkins‘ Celia and Allie Grant‘s Isabelle) would be the icing on an already-delectable cake. I’m certainly down with the plan. And the addition of “Little Boxes” at the conclusion of the video just solidified my love for the show. Jenji Kohan, you’ve done your job well.




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