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In Plain Sight Fades From View

May 4, 2012

photo courtesy of USA Networks

Five years, countless WITSEC inductees – both criminal and innocent – a baby, a death and an engagement, USA’s In Plain Sight ends its run tonight. I’m a little heartbroken over this one, as it serves as my favorite guilty pleasure. The show has always maintained a nice pedigree, a couple of notches above typical USA fare, but never achieved “great TV” status. But I didn’t care. I love US Marshall Mary Shannon (Mary McCormack) and US Marshall Marshall Mann (Frederick Weller). They have great chemistry, always have. I am intrigued to see if Marshall breaks off his engagement and finally comes clean with Mary that he loves her or if Mary finally opens her eyes and realizes that she’s in love with Marshall.

But beyond that love business, In Plain Sight had me from the first episode. The Witness Protection Program (which this show taught us is actually called the Federal Witness Security Program, shortened to WITSEC) is a fresh and interesting point of view for a TV show and I am surprised that no other series has tackled the topic. I guess that’s part of what made it stand out in a land of CSIs, beat cops and doctors. The cases were always interesting, despite being the backdrop for what was going on in the personal lives of Mary and Marshall.

With the final episodes of the series covering Mary’s long-lost father’s reappearance and subsequent death, the finale looks to be a trip down memory lane. I have seen several clips, though, and we get some of that classic banter and Mary doing… Mary. Here’s to a ground-breaking show that delivered what it promised. I wish the characters well as we leave them behind tonight…

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