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“Up” on the Radio

May 3, 2012

As a writer, I have always appreciated good story-telling. And as a person with functioning ears, I have always appreciated country music’s penchant for doing just that. “Up to Me,” the newest release from Nashville’s Jason Charles Miller off his upcoming Render Records project Uncountry, not only tells a good story, but does so in an unconventional fashion. Told from the point of view of a tree, cut down “in Mississippi, in June of ’36”, then drug “out west to Texas” to be the actual bar in a bar, it recounts the many people who have been there, drinking, telling stories, kissing, and so forth. It’s an interesting take; one that stood out to me as soon as I heard the song and made me go back for multiple listens.

Mixed by recording engineer/mixer/producer extraordinaire Dan Certa, the song is one of many the two have collaborated on for this project. The first, “You Get What You Pay For,” was featured in HBO’s True Blood, generating significant commercial success. Initially Uncountry was an EP, but execs at Render liked the direction the former rocker (Miller fronted Godhead for a decade) was going and requested three additional cuts to make it a full-length album. Certa will be working with him on the new songs.

Check out the video for “Up to Me,” below. If you like it, make sure you share on Facebook, Twitter, etc. You know as well as I do that those Youtube hits will help gain radio play.



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