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Day Three: Week of Vivian Sessoms

April 19, 2012

And we’re back! Day Three of the Week of Vivian Sessoms. Did you know that besides being a celebrated background vocalist, Ms. Sessoms is also a renowned producer? From commercial jingles to popular mainstream albums, Vivian has been in the production booth, making things happen. And while we’re on the topic of making things happen, be on the lookout for not one, but two projects from her this year. Heart, will be a jazz/acoustic album full of instrumentation (acoustic guitar, piano, mandolin, banjo, lap steel, horns and strings). It definitely sounds like an interesting mix. And Radiant, a dance pop/ r&b affair, with some fun stuff on there, a few power ballads, and some heavier-hitting r&b tracks. And, it’s rumored that a rock album will be on the way eventually. She’s a hard worker, that Vivian Sessoms.

And lest we forget, she has a show on Sunday night. Feinstein’s at Loews Regency. Details are below. A night out with Vivian Sessoms, old-school hotel venue, great love songs… it’ll be like in the movies. Get dressed up and go enjoy yourself.

Today’s video is “Happy” from Towa Tei‘s Sound Museum album, featuring Vivian Sessoms and Bahamadia. Written by Tei, Sessoms and Bahamadia.



Sunday, April 22nd – 8:30pm
Park Avenue and 61st Street, NY. NY

Premium Seating – $35. *(with additional $25. minimum)
Regular Seating – $25. *(with additional $25. minimum)

Chris Parks – upright, electric bass, acoustic guitar
Mike Mancini – piano, keys
Noam Dworman – acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin, vocals
Eric Brown – drums, percussion, vocals
Jeff Pierce – trumpet

Click here to purchase tickets.

Click here to visit Feinstein’s website.


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