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Haley Reinhart, Finally Free

February 23, 2012

As much as I dislike the nonentity that is Randy Jackson, I do have an appreciation for American Idol. At times. It’s because I like music. Of course, the judges don’t. They like screen time. So, the past few years, I have watched the performers I like and fast-forward through everything else and during the 2011 season, I liked Haley Reinhart, who the judges hated (flashback to the top 4 when Ryan Seacrest asked the village idiot Randy who won the round and he listed everyone but Reinhart, who quite clearly possessed the best voice of the group). It’s all good. People with ears know the truth. After hearing her do acrobatics through such legendary tunes as “Benny and the Jets,” “I Who Have Nothing,” and “Rhiannon,” I have been intrigued to hear how she would handle her own material. And then this week, a clip of her performing what is being touted as the first single off her upcoming debut album hit the web. With only a piano as backup, Reinhart let loose with the new song this week at a hard Rock Cafe performance in Hollywood. Entitled “Free,” it gives me exactly what I want from her: a combination of jazz, soul and R&B. I would love to get a little of her hard rock persona in as well, but I have a feeling that she cannot escape that part of her being and we will see plenty of it on the album. Watch for yourself and enjoy the show.

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