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First Look: Fringe’s Astrid-Centric Episode

January 31, 2012

I’ve been rather quiet on the Fringe front this season, but don’t take that as lack of support for one of the smartest shows on television. I have just been in my own alternate universe that has held me back from the weekly postings. That being said, the second I saw the headline – much less the video – that this Friday’s episode is all about the wonderful, yet under-used Jasika Nicole (Astrid), I had to share it! Nicole’s Astrid has been the glue that helps hold Fringe together (especially this season, prior to Peter’s “existence,” and it is wonderful to finally see her get her time, to get some back story and to flesh her character some more.

TVLine had the first-look exclusive of this video, but now it’s on Youtube, where anyone can access it, so I embedded it below. My favorite part, actually, is seeing how Nicole’s fellow actors respond to the scenes and discuss how everyone was so happy for her, as an actress, to get a chance to shine. Material like that makes this show what it is. If you’re not watching it, all I can say is your loss. Never complain about the lack of quality TV and ignore this undermined gem.

Behind-the scenes with Jaskia Nicole and the cast of Fringe:


A clip from the episode:

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