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Awkward Black Girl: Finally, The Finale

January 13, 2012

And here it is, ladies and gentlemen, the first season finale of The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl. Coming in at 25 minutes and 9 seconds, this is, hands down, the most ambitious episode the team has put together. And I can happily say, they did it! The production value has really taken off since they got that influx of Kickstarter money. After a full year’s worth of hard work, sweat, tears and probably several curse words,  Issa Rae, Tracy Oliver and the whole cast, crew and team, have pulled together a collection of episodes that have sparked the interest of a nation. Well, maybe not the whole nation, but the Awkward Nation has fallen in love with J, Fred, White Jay, CeCe, Nina, Baby Voice Darius, Boss Lady and Germy Patti.

The night started out slowly, as twitter was abuzz with fans patiently – and not so patiently – awaiting the latest installment. As the official twitter feed clarified, it takes longer to upload a thirty-minute episode than the short-form versions ABG is used to. Luckily, they kept us entertained and the Awkward Nation pulled it together, cracking jokes, posting videos, all sorts of things on the ABG Facebook page. It was refreshing to see such love and support. There were a few knuckleheads but you know ignant folks invade every party; that’s just the way it is. Luckily the ABG crew had it together – Issa even took the time to send a quick thank you for my “relax. relate. release” message (and birthday wishes). Please join me in wishing our favorite Awkward Black Girl a happy and joyous birthday. I went to bed at 4AM, with no episode up. Woke up at 8AM and still no show. Around midday, the episode finally went live. That’s the nature of the game.  It’s okay.

My notes (No spoilers): “Dead people are so boring.” – J. They have a commercial break! White Jay raps. Childish Gambino makes an appearance. Which, for the record, is so apropos. Other than that, I’m not telling what happened. Watch it yourself.

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