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Awkward Black Girl: The Ex Flashback Episode

December 1, 2011


So many things came out of the newest, fresh on Youtube, edition of Awkward Black Girl, including a return of J’s rapping skills and her at her most awkward. And, isn’t that what made us fall in love with her in the first place? Watch this episode, “The Exes,” and then read below and we’ll discuss:



1. The next episode is the season finale, airing Thursday, January 12, 2012. How long is the break? What will we do? Does Issa Rae and Co. realize how invested their fans are? I know they do; that was just me belly-aching for all of us.

2. They are selling a “Bitches Be Trippin'” tees. I MUST have one!!! Click here to get yours.

3. If these are all professional actors, they look the part. If some of them (especially that Alex Porter) are friends of the cast, then I need to become friends with the cast. #PHYNE

4. Flashbacks! I can see the Kickstarter money kicking in! Work… this was a complicated episode.

5. I have never – I repeat, never – been honestly torn about a TV love triangle. Usually I am 110% in one camp. I like both White Jay and Fred. Well, Fred a little more, but still.

6. That drunk Christmas party flashback with red tongue and the vodka-induced Suave A was hilarious. Flashing between Suave A and Nerdy A was priceless.

7. “Besties before testes.”

8. Angry Bird cupcakes.

9. “Apologies, schmologies. Mulatto babies are overrated anyway.”

10. “Call me L’il Kim… cos I got a crush on you. Wanna make you my boo. Carpool witchu to school.”

11. Loud bitch: “Shut the front door. And the back door. And the side door.”

J: “Damn. How many doors does this loud bitch have?”

12. “Oh hey girl. When did you catch cancer?” Nina (LOL… catch cancer.)

13. We end with a great cliff-hanger.


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