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First Look: The Iron Lady

November 26, 2011

This is what I know for sure: There’s crazy buzz for Meryl Streep‘s upcoming The Iron Lady. There’s even crazier buzz for Streep. Some people say that this role could finally break Streep’s losing streak at the Oscars. Yes, I said losing streak. It has been 29 years since Streep last won an Oscar, for her role in  1982’2 Sophie’s Choice. Her previous win was 1979’s Kramer vs. Kramer. Any actress with two Oscars to her name should keep her mouth shut and not complain. And that’s exactly what Streep has done as she has lost fourteen nominations in a row. I, on the other hand, can say what I want. And I cannot understand how anybody – anybody – thought that Sandra Bullock out-acted Streep when they went head-to-head in The Blind Side and Julie & Julia, respectively. I cannot understand how people look at Streep and hold her to a higher standard. If she were to come onto set with ratty hair, sunglasses and a hangover, she’d still surpass three-quarters of the working actresses in Hollywood today. No, I haven’t seen the film. No, I am not saying give her an Oscar. I am saying, however, that members of SAG need to open their minds and really consider her; don’t just say, “oh, she’s Meryl Streep,” and leave it at that.


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