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Grey’s Anatomy: The Rebirth of Meredith Grey

November 15, 2011

I have been meaning to comment on the current state of the folks over at Seattle Grace for a minute, but with last week’s Grey’s Anatomy fall finale, it seems like this is the perfect place.

The Rebirth of Meredith Grey: After season six’ hospital massacre, you would think that she would have had this rebirth last season, but alas, that wasn’t meant to happen. It required the appearance of Baby Zola to really take Meredith to the next level. And Ellen Pompeo, once at risk of becoming a bit player on a show named after her character, has wowed. Showing an impressive range, Pompeo has really worked the material Shonda Rhimes and Co., have passed her way. I hope that the Emmy people finally take notice, even if it’s just a nomination.

Bailey Gets a Storyline, Karev Gets a Storyline, Everyone Gets a Storyline: Last season, while I loved the Callie/Mark/Arizona storyline, it really took over the series. This season, everyone is getting screen time, even Dr. Bailey and her relationship with Ben the Nurse. For the record, I would love more of Chandra Wilson, but that’s just because she’s phenomenal. Sandra Oh has been doing her regular exemplary work as Dr. Yang and even the always over-looked Justin Chambers is getting significant screen time.

The Emergence of Teddy and Avery: Teddy (Kim Raver) has become a full-fledged member of the storyline, complete with a (SPOILER ALERT) newly-dead husband and what I will assume to be ample grieving time. Leading up to the death, though, Teddy has been teaching Christina, having sex in the linen closets and playing softball. Avery (the phyne phyne phyne Jesse Williams), on the other hand, has become the Gunther. All of a sudden, he’s joining in on a myriad of surgeries, he’s dumping his girlfriend and we meet his mom (who is Debbie Allen, no less!), another world-class surgeon. If Meredith and Derrick weren’t meant to be, I would totally have them hook up.

The Acting is Top-Notch: Did I mention Ellen Pompeo? Or Chandra Wilson? Or… good God, that scene in which (SPOLIER ALERT) Sandra Oh’s Christina realizes that the guy who just died on her operating table was Teddy’s husband? That scene stayed with me for days.

The Guest Stars Have Been Spot-On: George’s mom (Louise Monk) returns and brings up old memories. I love the scene where the 5th-year residents are sitting around at lunch and Avery mentions “Heart in an Elevator,” a throw-back to fans since the first season in which George – not Karev – helps save a guy’s life while trapped in an elevator. Alfre Woodard could make watching paint dry exciting, but her turn as the author with a brain full of tumors was perfect, complete with life lessons for Lexie (Chyler Leigh). And let’s not forget about Debbie Allen making a play for a full-time gig with her one episode appearance as Avery’s mom (and Ellis’ former rival for Richard’s love?)

Overall, this season has been a re-emergence of the show I fell in love with when it first started airing on Sunday nights after Desperate Housewives. We have already lost some great cast members and chances are more will leave after the originals’ contracts are up this year. That being said, Rhimes has set up a smooth transition and created new characters that will keep us happy and entertained. Of course, I would love to see Oh and Wilson getting movies and Oscars instead of toiling away in television, but for the time being, I want them going nowhere. They give me what I need every Thursday night. LOL… so does Williams and Eric Dane, but in a different way.

And, lest I forget, Pompeo, the resurgence of an actress that I thought was ready to call it quits. She’s owned this season and has truly made me love Meredith, a character fraught with emotions and feeling and all that other stuff that makes her dark and twisty. And that’s why we love her.


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  1. November 15, 2011 6:03 PM

    Well said… thank you.
    Ellen Pompeo indeed owns season 8 so far.
    her Emmy is way overdue.. her performance has been brilliant, Im enjoying Grey’s because of her and the great storylines this season the way I did in seasons 1, 2, 3 mostly.. like the good old days.. 🙂

    thank you again for putting in words what all Grey’s fans are thinking.. specially Ellen Pompeo fans.

  2. November 15, 2011 7:58 PM

    Well said!

    Absolutely how I feel. I’m back in love with greys.


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