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You’ll Want To Listen to the New Lalah Hathaway

August 30, 2011

Now that the hubbub of Irene has died down, I want to share a new song from Lalah Hathway. Yeah, yeah, yeah, she released it a few weeks ago and so technically this isn’t news. Well, maybe it’s olds. Hell, I don’t know what to tell you other than I got caught up and didn’t share it. There are plenty of you out there who might not have heard it yet. And if you did hear it, play it, like it, etc., when she released it two weeks ago (yeah, I looked it up), then you will hear it, play it, like it, etc., again now that I am posting it. Maybe you’ll even do as she requests and contact your local radio station and request it so she gets some air play (numbers posted at the bottom of the page). We all know how valuable that is.

The song, “If You Want To,” is the lead single off her sixth – yes, sixth – studio album, Where It All Begins. This will also be her second release on Staxx Records. Funky and relaxed, soulful, catchy… “If You Want To” might possibly be my favorite track out of Hathaway in quite some time. No offense to any of her work, but for some reason, this song spoke to me the very first time I heard it. And that, my dear friends, is what art is supposed to do. That personal connection. Thank you, Lalah. Listen for yourself.

Lalah Hathaway, “If You Want To


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