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The Interrupters: A Must-See

August 30, 2011

Steve James has made a career out of making thoughtful and thought-provoking documentary films. From his masterful story of two Chicago basketball players in the multiple award-winning Hoop Dreams (declared the best documentary in the past 25 years) to Stevie (hailed as the best documentary of the decade), the story of Stevie Fielding, a troubled young man in rural Illinois, James has commanded our attention and generated conversation on a national level. With his latest opus, The Interrupters, James pushes forward, detailing how former Chicago gang members now make it their life’s mission to intervene in violent gang warfare.

In typical Steve James fashion, The Interrupters was first released at Sundance (nearly everything he does is accepted at Sundance). It will make its national debut as a part of “Frontline” on PBS in early 2012. It’s doing a small run of independent theaters currently, getting in the credentials for its Oscar run. I heard about it because apparently it just ended its two week run at the Gene Siskel Film Center last week, and according to the Chicago Tribune, is the biggest box office success in the 40 year history of the Center.

For screenings, check their website.

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