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Nappy Roots Joins Organized Noize Crew: Congratulations

August 25, 2011

Spring 2002: I was living in Nashville, on my way to work pushin’ the big body (a 2000 Ford Expedition – you could literally cross your legs in the back seat; it was huge!) and this song came on 92Q. Yolanda Neely was the DJ: Them country boys on the rise! With them big fat wheels on the side! Peep them vertical grills on the ride! And aw-awww-awww-awwwww! Awnaw! Hell naw! Man, y’all done up and done it! Awnaw! Hell naw! Boy, y’all done up and done it!

I was like – OutKast doesn’t have a new album out. What is this? Who is this? Yolanda didn’t tell us when the song went off and this was before the days of Shazam. So I called the radio station and asked for Yolanda. Dammit girl, you gotta share these things! LOL. She told me the song was called “AwNaw” by a group called the Nappy Roots and that they were based out of Bowling Green, Kentucky.



The day the album dropped, I was there, picking up my copy. Watermelon, Chicken & Gritz. I loved it. Apparently, they had released an independent project in ’99 (Country Fried Cess), but Watermelon put them on the national scene. More was to come: “Po’Folks,” featuring Anthony Hamilton, “Headz Up,” another Anthony Hamilton collaboration (and what has become my personal manifesto, “Sick and Tired.” The Nappy Roots, with their Southern fried sensibilities, embracing of their country roots (no bling bling, no boasting), telling stories about shit that mattered… as a true OutKast head, they were giving me a similar vibe and I was down with that.

Time passed, new albums came out, the tracks weren’t as hot – or at least the programmers in urban radio didn’t think so and the next thing you know, Nappy Roots was that group that I remembered, not the one that I was listening to on the regular. I chalked it up to the nature of the game. But… I was at Billie’s Black last week and alyce (yes, she spells it lower case; don’t hate on us!) told em that Nappy Roots was working on a new project with producers Organized Noize (OutKast, Goodie MOb). My heart skipped a beat. I think that OutKast can do no wrong. Literally. If those guys put out an album of them reciting the ingredients in a tube of toothpaste, I’d still slap down my $15 and keep it moving. The same thing can be said about Goodie MOb. I have high hopes that Cee-Lo’s return to the group can rejuvenate one of the hottest rap groups of all time.

So, here’s the skinny: September 27, 2011 the new Nappy Roots, Nappy Dot Org, drops. Skinny DeVille, Fishscales, Big V, Ron Clutch and B. Stille are all back on the project (unfortunately R. Prophet left to do his own thing). The lead single, “Congratulations,” is hotfiya. Listen to it now:


Nappy Roots, “Congratulations

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