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First Look: “Ain’t Enough,” JAIDEN

July 21, 2011

After putting in years of work doing background vocals and writing for some of the biggest names in the music industry – P. Diddy, Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill, John Legend and Case, Carl Thomas, respectively, Jaiden [The Cure] is ready to step to the front of the stage. And to be fair, he’s earned it. Hour after hour, country after country, Jaiden has toiled away, bolstering the sound of countless artists, all the while honing his craft and developing his own sound. After releasing a mixtape a couple of years ago, Jaiden is finally getting his time in the sun: he’s got a new mixtape (The Cure Suite II) dropping any day now, an upcoming EP (Jaiden: No Words), he just released his debut video for the catchy single “Ain’t Enough,” this week on BET’s 106 & Park (vote here). No, seriously, go vote. We’ll wait.

Okay… done? Good. Feel free to tell your friends. It’s a catchy song, a well-made video, Jaiden’s got an amazing voice (just wait – he’s holding back here), he’s pretty on the eyes, he’s put in his time… he deserves the support. Watch the video below, then go vote for the video on BET and then hit this link to download it from iTunes. I’ve given you enough info on him, but just for shits and giggles, here’s his bandcamp page, Facebook and Twitter feed. Get on the bandwagon before he blows up.


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