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Emmys 2011: Predicting Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series

July 11, 2011

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series 

Here’s how it works: some of these ladies will get nominated, some deserve to get nominated and some haven’t got a chance in hell. I am listing everyone who’s a real player, but for MY dream ballot, the chosen six are written in orange. As I have said in the past, this is my list; if you don’t like what’s on it, go sign up for a website and make your own list. 

Lauren Graham, Parenthood – I have never seen Gilmore Girls (kinda shocking, no?) and as a huge fan of Maura Tierney, wasn’t so sure about the decision to hire Graham when Tierney had to step down from the role. That being said, I cannot imagine Graham not being on the ballot.

Ellen Pompeo, Grey’s Anatomy – I know. Go ahead and gag. Be shocked. Whatever. Pompeo has long been thought of as the weakest link in the Grey’s family. This season, however, she transitioned from young doctor with a penchant for making bad decisions into the backbone of the show. Her work with the Alzheimer’s trial, dealing with post-trauma stress and juggling her many roommates proved – once and for all – that Pompeo knows what she’s doing.

Melissa Leo, Treme – Oscar winner Leo seemed to pull a more supporting role this season, but that didn’t stop her from showing her chops as Toni dealt with the aftermath of her husband’s suicide and dealing with her daughter’s emotional breakdown.

Kathy Bates, Harry’s Law – With 8 previous Emmy nominations to her credit, you can never count out this Oscar winner. Let’s be realistic, her name is exactly what kept Harry’s Law on NBC’s schedule for a second season. It certainly wasn’t the ratings. Bates is golden.

Julianna Margulies, The Good Wife – Everyone expected her to win last year, but Kyra Sedgwick picked up the (well-deserved) award instead. This season was only better for the actress as she turned in one great performance after another. In fact, I believe she helped her co-stars bring their game up as well. Margulies is a powerhouse.

Emmy Rossum, Shameless – Rossum is surprisingly good in one of the least glamorous roles on TV. Her Fiona is the backbone of the crazy-as-catshit, but lovable Gallagher family. The scenes where she thought someone might be hurt or the kids might be taken away were her strongest.

Katey Sagal, Sons of Anarchy – Lots of ink was spilled over Sagal’s work in Anarchy, but I have never seen the show. I will let the people who cried foul over her lack of Emmy nomination last year have the final say.

Kyra Sedgwick, The Closer – Last year’s winner after several nominations. It was well-deserved and if she wins again, I won’t be mad. That being said, she’s won already and I want to give the underdogs a chance.

January Jones, Mad Men – I know nothing about this show, but she clearly is a frontrunner.

Anna Torv, Fringe – I remember when she didn’t come across as a very good actress. Back in season one, Torv appeared stiff and I had low expectations for her. But in season three, she did exemplary work. Let’s do a rundown. Torv played: Olivia, Fauxlivia, Olivia as Fauxlivia, Fauxlivia as Olivia, Future Olivia and, most famously, Olivia as William Bell (aka Olivia as Leonard Nimoy). And, interestingly enough, each version had a distinct personality. I knew when Fauxlivia was acting like Olivia and vice versa. A brauva performance. I applaud Torv and can only wish she does better.

Jeanne Tripplehorn, Big Love – In the final season, Tripplehorn’s Barb had a religious revelation that prompted her to rethink everything she believed: she started drinking wine, she tried to heal people… and in the end she took over her husband’s church. Tripplehorn has never been better. She still won’t get a nomination.

Elisabeth Moss, Mad Men – I know nothing about this show, but she clearly is a frontrunner.

joseph’s choice to win: My money’s on Margulies, Torv worked her ass off, and my heart wants to cast my vote for Graham, who is long overdue. I’m so torn on this one… Anna Torv. Playing multiple roles is hard. She really, really impressed me. She’s deserving. She will not get nominated in the real Emmy race… Yes, Torv: My final answer.

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6 Comments leave one →
  1. passing permalink
    July 11, 2011 4:56 PM

    I am glad you think Anna Torv should win.
    I do not agree with your remarks concerning the first seasons of Fringe: Olivia Dunham in those season did not have much backstory nor storyline, and Jeff Pinkner has admitted that restricting the character has resulted in unfairly treatment of Anna in the media.

    lets put it like this: If John Noble would have played only Walternate from the start, I wonder what his position would be.

    I am very pleased that finally Anna Torv got the material she deserves, and people have discovered her talent. And she is going to stay.
    So Emmy for Anna Torv.

    • July 11, 2011 5:09 PM

      You’re right. My comment should be clarified. I am doing that now…

    • alexis permalink
      July 12, 2011 5:41 AM

      i couldn’t agree more! it pisses me off when people say that she didn’t do a good job back in ss 1&2 or that she was a liability for the show. she portrayed a very unsettled person who had just gone through the worst of experiences and was facing quite a blurry future. her character was -or is, for that matter- socially awkward, has a hard time trusting people and thus opening up and tends to keep it all inside. i think she did a hell of a job! if people didn’t like the character, that’s another story. but it wasn’t her fault, she delivered the performance that was required of her and did it well!

  2. July 11, 2011 8:18 PM

    Anna Tove was great since S1 , I didn’t watch the show from it started , but I came with to see it last summer after 24 finished , “Ability” from season one was the first episode that i saw , and it lead me to see all s1 and s2 , so i was very excited to see s3 , and Anna/Olivia got me from that episode and during S3 , she is really surprised me with her acting , every time she is coming with a new thing to her characters , it’s not just that she had the hard work to act but I believe that woman is brilliant and has a very high skill in acting , you just want more from her .

    Diffidently she deserve to win not just to be nominated .


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