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First Look: The Iron Lady, Meryl Streep

July 7, 2011

Meryl Streep is a living legend. With two Oscars and sixteen nominations, she has proven herself time and time again. Considering that within the past five years, she has also become a box office draw, pulling in millions of viewers based on her name alone, not only is she a living legend, but also a bona fide movie star. Now, is there really any reason I should have to go through all of that when introducing Meryl Streep? Shouldn’t just those two words – Meryl. Streep. – be enough? How many legends do you get to see, living, working, creating? Streep is a rarity that should be appreciated like someone would a five-course meal from a renowned chef, like the new owner of a Fabergé egg, like the first people to hear The Beatles perform live. Now, I give all that because I feel like we will need to bend over backwards, while yodeling a French song in Icelandic and carrying 3 baskets filled with baby crocodiles if Streep is going to get that third Oscar for this role… despite the fact that she’s already getting some of the best reviews of her career.

I make a big deal because – despite that whole living legend thing – Streep is also one of the most under-rated actresses of our time. Yeah, I said it. There is not one human being on Earth who who can convince me that Sandra Bullock out-acted Meryl Streep when they went head to head for that Oscar in 2010. Sandy’s a nice lady and a fine actress – and she did a particularly good job in that role. But… anyone with eyes and/or ears should have written down Streep’s name about 3 minutes into Julie and Julia. Period. End of discussion.

And moving on… the first trailer – which is literally only a sneak, a tease, WRONG – for The Iron Lady. PS – this is the international trailer. It will be released in the US in December in time for Oscar consideration.

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