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Emmys 2011: Predicting Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series

July 6, 2011

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series

Here’s how it works: some of these guys will get nominated, some deserve to get nominated and some haven’t got a chance in hell. I am listing everyone who’s a real player, but for MY dream ballot, the chosen six are written in orange. As I have said in the past, this is my list; if you don’t like what’s on it, go sign up for a website and make your own list. 

Steve Buscemi, Boardwalk Empire – A veteran character actor finally gets a chance to shine in a prestige piece that draws in millions of viewers? Yeah, this one’s in the bag.



Joshua Jackson, Fringe – Jackson had a long way to come if he wanted to change perceptions that Michelle Williams is the only Dawson’s Creek alum with any grit. This season, as his fellow actors, the writing, the show itself, shifted into fifth gear, Jackson, too, brought his A game. Unfortunately, that won’t be enough. He still has reparations to make if he’s going to get on the Emmy shortlist.



Jeremy Irons, The Borgias – He’s Jeremy Irons. He has an Oscar. He is playing the Pope. It’s hard to imagine him not getting a nomination. In fact, he’s Buscemi’s biggest challenger for the title.



Peter Krause, Parenthood – Long overlooked, Krause won’t win the Emmy again this year. In fact, he won’t even be nominated. But wouldn’t it be a smart move on his peers’ part? Any scene that includes Krause trying to come to terms with daughter Haddie’s interracial romance with former alcoholic and high school drop out Alex (way worse on paper than it really is) or son Max’ Asperger syndrome is well worth investing your time in.



Michael C. Hall, Dexter – He’s had better years, but Hall will be on the ballot again this year.


Andrew Lincoln, The Walking Dead – The real stars of the show are the dead people. But after that, Lincoln’s beautiful eyes and heroic nature are what fuels the show.



Michael Imperioli, Detroit 187­ – Yes, it was cancelled after one season that no one watched anyway, but this former winner is always good in any role he takes. Detroit should have found an audience and Imperioli should be on the shortlist.



William H. Macy, Shameless – The most comedic role on this “drama” is also, essentially, a supporting role. But, when someone of Macy’s caliber is the one in the role, then you roll with whatever comes your way. Shameless is a good show. Macy is a great actor. No surprise if he makes the ballot.



Timothy Olyphant, Justified – Olyphant wasn’t nominated last year for this award, despite Justified’s amazing first year. The good thing is that the show raised its on bar this year and Olyphant did the same. It cannot be easy going toe to toe with Margo Martindale’s Mags Bennett and Olyphant made it look easy. All the while keeping his cool… and wearing his cowboy hat.



Jon Hamm, Mad Men – ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz… sorry. I just do not get it.



joseph’s choice to win: Peter Krause. The Bravermans could use a win and Krause is the one standing closest to the podium. Seriously, though, Peter Krause has had a lengthy career, he’s put in his time, he’s doing phenomenal work as Adam Braverman… he’s clearly deserving. When looking over the potential nominees in this category, you definitely see bigger names, but watch the clip below and you see better acting.





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