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Showtime Cancels United States of Tara

May 23, 2011

… And in I Can’t Believe It News…

Showtime has just announced that they have cancelled United States of Tara. Nurse Jackie, its timeslot companion, will be back for a fourth season next year. Now, I could be crazy, but since these shows have aired back-to-back for three years now, I cannot help but compare the two. Both star a well-known, celebrated actress (Toni Collette for United States of Tara and Edie Falco for Nurse Jackie); both are billed as comedies, yet cover very serious issues and both make for good entertainment.

As the season has progressed, I noticed that where Jackie has a tendency to re-tell the same story (really, how far have we progressed since the second episode of this season), whereas Tara really branched out this season and delved deeply into the world of DID. No lie: when I saw the season finale, I thought it would make for a great series finale, but was so excited as to where they would take the story going forward. Like other great series unafraid to change the game – LOST, Alias, Fringe come to mind immediately – Tara was poised to take us on a new path and explore fresh terrain. I am sorry to hear it’s over.

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