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First Look: Homeland, Showtime

May 23, 2011

Photo courtesy: Showtime

Last night, as The Borgais wrapped up their first season, Showtime aired the first look clip of their new fall entry, Homeland, starring Claire Danes, Damian Lewis and Mandy Patinkin. The show, from former 24 executive producers Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa, will center on Lewis, as a POW released after almost a decade in captivity and Danes as a CIA officer who believes that it is all a ruse and that Lewis is working with al Queda to launch an attack on America.

History suggests that no one will watch this. I mean, no one seems to be willing to watch any other movie/TV show that comes out dealing with the current political culture in the Middle East. That being said, the 24 tie in might help. The Keifer Sutherland mainstay developed quite a following dealing with just those sort of stories. I am a fan of Danes’ body of work and have high hopes, The premise is interesting, the trailer even more so. Time will tell.

Homeland‘s Website

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