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First Look: Awake, NBC

May 18, 2011

Courtesy: NBC

Remember last year’s first show to fizzle out and be canceled, the critically-lauded Lone Star? Well, the creator (writer Kyle Killen) is back with a new show that has a wildly different, yet somewhat similar story. The lead is a detective who has a horrible car crash with his wife and son. He awakes to find out that his wife is dead. Then, a few days later, he awakes to find out that his wife is alive, but his son is dead. Confusing? Yes. Interesting? Without a doubt. He’s living two separate lives. Both seem real. He even has two shrinks (one, B.D. Wong, from Oz; the other, Cherry Jones from 24). I don’t know what will happen, but my ass will certainly be tuning in to watch it unfold… Awake on NBC (full schedule here).

Michael BrittenJason Isaacs, Michael Britten

Hannah BrittenLaura Allen, Hannah Britten

Rex BrittenDylan Minnette, Rex Britten

Det. Isaiah "Bird" FreemanSteve Harris, Det. Isaiah “Bird” Freeman

Det. Efrem VegaWilmer Valderrama, Det. Efrem Vega

TaraMichaela McManus, Tara

Dr. Judith EvansCherry Jones, Dr. Judith Evans

Dr. John LeeB.D. Wong, Dr. John Lee

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