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NBC Cancels The Event

May 13, 2011

You already know what I believe...

After much hype and high expectations, NBC finally accepted that The Event is a dud. Appropriately enough, it happened on Friday the 13th.

An interesting premise and exciting – yet confusing – pilot gave way to a colossal heap of decaying bullshit as the series dredged on for what seems like an eternity – they still have unaired episodes before this monster is wrapped up. Much like ABC’s high-concept FlashForward from last season (which also flamed out at warp speed), this series ran off course and just could never find its way back to anything that even halfway resembled a road. The characters started making idiotic decisions that made absolutely no sense to the people who had tuned into the first few episodes. Unlike a convolute show like 24 or the late, great LOST, with writers who knew how to create story lines that twisted their viewers brains without stretching too far into Stupidville (24’s season 2 mountain lion episode excluded), The Event was left, basically, rudderless after the re-tooling during their winter hiatus.

Good riddance is all I can say. Great cast, wasted.


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