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ABC Cancels Brothers and Sisters, V

May 13, 2011

Well, the inevitable has happened. ABC has cancelled Brothers and Sisters. They also killed off the hot mess that was V. Much like NBC‘s decision to end The Event, it all comes down to this being the Friday before upfronts (where the networks provide a glimpse at next season’s offerings) and not a bad case of the Firday the 13ths.

No lie, though. As indifferent as I am that V (a show I initially liked, but found had no soul. For those who watched the whole series, don’t you appreciate the irony?), has passed to the great TV land in the sky, I am sad to see B&S’ Walker clan move on. And, with the decision coming after the season finale, we get no real wrap up or goodbye. To be fair, the finale did wrap up some storylines, but after investing in this show for the past five years, it would have been nice to feel like things were being wrapped.

V scene stealer Morena Baccarin

The good news is that Sally Field is on the market. Someone snag her immediately! I’m voting for her to be Alicia’s never-been-seen mother on The Good Wife. Ahhh, Desperate Housewives, how lonely you will be on Sunday nights now.

And, with that, here’s to copious amounts of wine, the family phone tree and dinners that never end with dessert, but always when someone storms out of the house. Brothers and Sisters, I will miss you!


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