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Jill Scott Keeps it Clean

May 12, 2011

Interestingly enough, the media focused in on First Lady Michelle Obama‘s decision to invite Common to the White House’s poetry night, but had nothing to say about the inclusion of Jill Scott. Presumably, it’s because he’s a rapper and she’s a Grammy Award-winning singer. No one seemed to notice that she’s also a self-proclaimed poet; a poet who teases and twists and turns her words so cleverly and so intricately that many overlook exactly how nasty she can be. Now don’t get me wrong: I love that. Appreciate it. Celebrate it. “Crown Royal” is one of the best poems ever written. I cannot help but notice the irony, though, that Scott, while a beloved member of the artistic community, can get away with being exactly as naughty as she wants to be while Common is ran through the proverbial coals by the media. Is it because she’s a woman and he’s a big scary black man? Can’t be. He’s almost lighter in complexion than me. What is it? Anybody know? Oh, and let the record show that Common has two Grammy wins to Scott’s three. He’s not exactly slouching in that department.

Again, to clarify, in case people read this the wrong way: I bow down at the feet of Queen Jill. I just find the irony so blinding that I must point it out.

Now, below is a clip of Jill reciting her poetry at the White House. I adore her “geeked” behavior and sense of humor. And the poems? They’re exactly appropriate for the White House stage. I applaud her. To see Common’s performance, click here.

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